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Our funeral home is dedicated to providing families with affordable burial and cremation services, as well as exceptional memorial services and uniquely personal celebrations of life.
Why Come to Us
     Our Difference
          Why We're Different
               What's New
               What Makes Us Unique?
               Why a Rabbit?
               Our Mission Statement
          Our Heritage
          Our Rabbit Family Owners
          Payment Policy
          Our Experienced Staff
               Licensed Staff
               Non-Licensed Staff
          Contact Us
          Comments & Suggestions
          2016 and 2013 Reader's Choice AwardSouthern Illinoisan Readers
     Our Services
          When Someone Dies
          General Price List
          Local Newspapers
          Cremation Options
          Creating a Legacy of Memories
          Steps in Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service
          What to Know When Choosing Burial
          When Cremation is Preferred
          Butterfly Release
     Funeral Merchandise
               Cremation Caskets
               Cloth Covered
               Wooden Caskets
               Metal Caskets
               Rental Caskets
          Concrete Graveliner
          Cremation Urns
          Burial Vaults
          Cremation Vaults
          Floral Tributes
          Memorial Stationery
               Register Books
          Keepsakes & Memorial Jewelry
          Making a Purchase Online
          Current Services
          Past Services
          Genealogy Info
               Genealogy-Last Name begins with A
               Genealogy-Last Name begins with B
               Genealogy-Last Name begins wtih C
               Genealogy-Last Name begins with D
               Genealogy-Last name begins with E
               Genealogy-Last name begins with F
               Genealogy-Last name begins with G
               Genealogy-Last name begins with H
               Genealogy-Last Name begins with I, J, or K
               Genealogy-Last name begins with L
               Genealogy-Last name begins with M
               Genealogy-Last name begins with N or O
               Genealogy-Last name begins with P or Q
               Genealogy-Last name begins with R
               Genealogy-Last name begins with S
               Genealogy-Last name begins with T
               Genealogy-Last name begins with U or V
               Genealogy-Last Name begins with W
               Genealogy-Last Name begins with X, Y or Z
     Cemetery Locations
          A thru D
          E thru K
          L thru P
          Q thru Z
Funeral Planning
     What to Expect
          When You Meet with the Funeral Home
          The First Decision: Burial or Cremation?
          Selecting Funeral Products
          The Details of Funeral Planning
          What to Expect after the Funeral
     Immediate Need
          Military Services
          A Death has Occurred
          Are You the Responsible Family Member?
          Online At-Need Funeral Planning
     Funeral Pre-Planning
          About Funeral Pre-Planning
          Benefits of Pre-Planning
          Building a Legacy of Memories
          Organ & Tissue Donation
          Pre-Planning Checklist
          Pre-Plan Online
     Need Assistance?
          Contact Us
Grief & Healing
     Understanding Grief
          The Nature and Purpose of Grief
          The Experience of Grieving
          Seeking Guidance: Grief Counseling
     The Grief Process
          Helping Yourself Heal
          Coming to Terms with Unexpected Death
     Need Assistance?
          Contact Us
Help & Guidance
     The MOM Project
     A Step of Faith/Before Death
     The Moments Before & After Death
          After Some One's Death
          Organ & Tissue Donation
          Who You Should Call First
          How to Tell Family Members
     Preparing for the Funeral Service
          Writing Down a Life: Crafting the Obituary
          Writing and Delivering a Eulogy
          Social Expectations: a Primer on Funeral Etiquette
     Facing the Legalities
          Gathering the Important Documents
          Will I Need a Lawyer?
          Death Certificates
          Notifying Creditors and Government Agencies
     Community Links
          Flower Shops
     Ebola Guidelines
     Need Assistance?
          Contact Us
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